Escaped horses cause road chaos

Horses escaped onto the streets of Walton
Horses escaped onto the streets of Walton

VILLAGERS in Walton were shocked to see a group of horses running free along the roads during the morning rush hour.

A group of four horses found themselves caught between morning traffic on Shay Lane last Wednesday.

And they caused chaos for motorists as they wandered along the middle of the road.

A visitor to our Facebook page Mike Bywater said: “Morning rush-hour and ponies don’t mix.

“It’s not the first time either.”

Insp Richard Clare, of Wakefield rural NPT, said the horses were owned by travellers but were being kept on private land without the landowner’s permission. mHe said it had been a civil matter, and until the horses had escaped the police had not been able to get involved.

Insp Clare said: “The landowner had previously wanted the horses removed but because they were on private land there wasn’t much we could do. When the horses escaped onto the roads we were able to tell the owner to remove them.”

West Yorkshire Police said they received several calls about the horses starting from 7.15am. mThe owner of the horses arrived at about 9am, and by 10.20am all of the horses had been recovered.

There were no accidents.