“Everybody was at it” at Wakefield Prison unit- trial hears of corruption and sex claims

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CORRUPTION at Wakefield Prison may extend all the way up to a governor, a trial heard.

The suggestion was made during the trial of four prison healthcare workers accused of misconduct in a public office.

The court heard nurse Karen Cosford had sex with convicted rapist Brian McBride in the healthcare unit at the maximum security prison on Love Lane.

The married 47-year-old is also alleged to have performed a sex act on the lifer in his cell while two female colleagues, Carolyn Falloon and Jacqueline Flynn, effectively stood guard outside.

The prosecution claim the three women and fellow nurse David Sunderland, 49, turned a blind eye to McBride having an illegal phone inside the jail.

Prosecutor Richard Wright said: “We anticipate that this trial will explore the regime in the health care centre in some considerable detail. More than it may be suggested that the extent of the corruption here went far beyond these defendants and extended even to the governor of that part of the prison, a man called Mark Brookes.”

Mr Wright said the jury may be invited to say the whole place had been turned on its head and “everybody was at it”.

But he said the jury of seven men and five women would hear from decent and dedicated prison staff who “did not text, telephone, top up, smuggle or have sex with the inmates”.

He concluded: “We the prosecution are not here to defend Wakefield Prison, the Prison Service or Mark Brookes. But equally you the jury are here to try these defendants for the misconduct alleged against them.”

Cosford, of Marston Walk, Altfots, denies three charges of misconduct in a public office.

She claimed to police she was raped and blackmailed by McBride. The prosecution maintain she was a willing participant in the relationship.

Falloon, 50, of Manor Crescent, Walton, denies three counts of misconduct, Flynn, 46, of The Leys, South Kirkby, denies two counts, and Sunderland, 49, of Millcroft Lofthouse, denied one misconduct count.

The trial continues.