Expect no sympathy

WHILE the country is in a double dip recession, we tax payers would expect the government to be looking after our financial situation to ensure that we are not overpaying for things which we have had no say in, control over, and yet were introduced despite the public and unions telling everyone that certain hare-brained schemes simply cannot work.

So let’s for once forget that our PFI, NHS Trust is losing £100,000 per day, which taxpayers have to pay for. Instead, let’s look at the other scandal in Wakefield which was imposed on us, by unelected civil servants, and our local elected MPs who were told by the public, and the FBU, it would never work, has never worked, and will never work

The Wakefield Fire Control Centre cost £270m before it was scrapped! It is still costing £25,000 per week rent, £1,250 for electric, £175 for water and £7,500 maintenance on a building that has never been opened. Total £33,925 per week which you are paying for, while the fire service attempts to cut back on services and manpower to save money!

What has happened to the civil servants who recommended the centre against the union’s advice? Nothing. What has happened to the politicians who went with their civil servant colleagues against the people who work in the industry? Actually nothing – all while the Jersey-registered company concerned is not subject to UK tax!

So while the government’s BBC trust find ways to pay stars without paying tax, MPs continue to get £100 pound per week food allowance even though the house is not sitting, you can expect no sympathy, just get on with it, and get ready for the next phase of austerity cuts.

Paul Dainton

President of RATS

Altofts Lodge Drive