Family’s final plea to help get justice for Sean Edley

ean Edley with his niece Kate
ean Edley with his niece Kate

TWO years ago today Sean Edley died after suffering an epileptic attack – a condition he developed after he was subjected to an unprovoked assault by a person who has never been caught.

As his family mark the second anniversary of his death, they say they will never give up hope that justice will be done.

Sean Edley's sister Joanne Jackson and mum Win Edley

Sean Edley's sister Joanne Jackson and mum Win Edley

His mum, Win Edley, 67, said: “Sean didn’t deserve this, he was loved by everyone. The pain of losing him is so heartbreaking - it never goes away.

“I brought Sean into the world and I need to know who took him away.”

Mr Edley used to be a happy, caring man who loved his family and socialising with his friends.

But his world fell apart when he was attacked on Westgate in the early hours of January 28, 2007, as he walked back home to Lupset after celebrating his friend’s stag night.

A man pulled up in a silver Ford Focus, close to Westgate Station, and punched him to the ground before driving off.

Afterwards Mr Edley developed epilepsy - a condition a coroner said caused his death when he suffered a massive fit on November 2010, aged 41.

Ms Edley said: “Sean changed after the attack. He died in November 2010 but to me his life was over in January 2007 after what happened to him. He didn’t have a life any more after that.”

Despite two massive police investigations the suspect is still at large.

DCI Neil Lineham, of the Homicide and Major Enquiry Team (HMET), said: “Every stone has been turned over and looked at again but we still have not been able to identify who was responsible.

“There was a passenger in the car who knows what happened and knows the identity of the person who did this to Sean. I call on that person to search inside their conscience and give us those details either in person or anonymously.”

Anyone with information should contact DCI Lineham on 101 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.