Fears over plan for retirement park in village

Fitzwilliam residents are torn over plans to create a retirement park that could accommodate nearly 70 homes.

Friday, 6th July 2018, 4:20 pm
Updated Monday, 16th July 2018, 4:50 pm

Planning permission has been sought to clear land at the side of Wentworth Terrace with a view to creating an area that could include 67 retirement homes, garages, parking and gardens.

Some residents commented that there were problems with drainage and traffic in the village while others welcomed the possibility of investment.

Resident Malc Lloyd said: “The increased volume of traffic from extra vehicles on the road, coupled with rapidly increasing demand for car parking at the station, and additional access roads to the new development site will lead to a dangerous situation.

“The police have been called a number of times due to road access being blocked by parked cars. During the day the road is single track due to parked cars.”

Sharon Taylor said: “Most of the houses on the estate have problems with sewage smells at certain times of the day.

“Yorkshire Water have informed us that the pumping station pumps effluence through our pipes from the adjacent council estate.

“The drains on the estate are checked routinely. My concern is how the mains sewerage would be connected for another 67 homes.”

Dave Taylor said: “Anything that improves the use and look of this derelict land, the better.

“The park homes would contribute towards the great community that already exists and would be a far better use of the land than having youths gathering and making a nuisance.

“The new residents would also provide a much needed boost to the local economy.”

Anthony Hargreaves said: “I am more certain then not that the majority of fears voiced at present, will be resolved before the proposed Park Homes site is finished.

“If there is an existing sewage problem, that has nothing to do with this proposal.”