Fears raised at travellers plan

Coun Clive Hudson
Coun Clive Hudson

PEOPLE in Stanley have fiercely objected to plans for a travellers site near the M62 motorway.

Last week the Express reported plans for a permanent 10-pitch site on a strip of land in between Castlegate and the M62.

And hundreds of objections have already been lodged with Wakefield Council on the grounds that the land is green belt and should not be built on.

People have also raised fears of crime, increased traffic and the fact that there are not enough local amenities to support a group of travellers.

In a letter to Wakefield Council Anne Bull said: “I feel using this land for development would be detrimental to the area. The area does not have adequate facilities for any more residents and the roads are already incredibly busy due to the nearby industrial estate.”

In another letter Lisa Lilley wrote: “The amount of vehicles that they would bring onto that road would be unsafe, never mind the fact that they will have dogs and horses that could get directly onto the road and onto the M62.”

And Victoria Stansfield wrote: “This would not only spoil the local area and my own views but would decrease the value of my property considerably.”

Coun Clive Hudson said: “Due to the high level of concerns raised by the public in this should go to the full planning committee.”

Coun Simon Wilson said there were also concerns over fly-tipping.

He said: “I have had a lot of feedback about this and there has been nobody in support of it.”