Fight still on for Coxley turbines

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VillageRS are still fighting for turbine-free countryside in Middlestown.

Protesters have been campaigning to stop proposals for two large wind turbines in Coxley Valley.

And now a revised version of the plan using three smaller turbines to provide a renewable energy source for the area could be drawn up.

Kath Turner - who runs The No Coxley Turbine group - said: “The No Coxley Turbine group are fully supportive of exploring alternative and sustainable sources of energy, however we still do not believe that wind turbines of any size are necessary in our beautiful patch of countryside.

“Never has there been such a public outcry on any other matter by local residents. Hundreds of people came out to attend meetings and try to express their concerns and more than 1,000 people have signed a petition against the turbines.

“We don’t need this, we don’t want this, and we haven’t asked for this.”

Gavin Eldon, of Sustainable Sitlington, supported the report commissioned by Origin Energy earlier this year which led to the mass protest.

Mr Eldon said the new proposals should not be simply ruled out and said the benefits of renewable energy could help the whole community.

He said: “People were fed false information. If it was put across in the right manner people would actually think it’s not a bad idea.

“If those wind turbines are community owned and to a small extent funded, then the millions of pounds which comes back to the community can be used in a variety of ways such as solar panels and interest free loans.”

“£200,000 of income would be generated annually for the first five years onwards to just under £1.5m.”