Firefighter’s warning after house fire

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A firefighter is warning people of the dangers of chip pans after a house fire in Pontefract.

Firefighters were called to King’s Crescent at around 4.05pm yesterday (Wednesday).

Crew commander at Pontefract Fire Station Darren Wales said: “A lady after using a chip pan had put it into the oven, not realising she had the oven on.

“The chip pan caught fire, which had the potential to be very dangerous.

“Luckily she kept the oven closed, got herself and her son out of the property and called the fire brigade.”

Crew commander Wales issued a warning following the blaze.

He said: “If the lady had tried to cover the chip pan up or carry it outside then there could have been a fatality.

“The use of traditional chip pans can be very dangerous.

“It is much better to have a thermostat controlled deep fat fryer.”