Firefighters call for businesses to stop false alarms

Fire fighters tackled the blaze
Fire fighters tackled the blaze

West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service is asking businesses to do all they can to stop repeated false calls to automatic fire alarms.

New legislation has been brought in which now allows the fire service to charge for persistent false calls.

This applies in cases where the call is found to be false, where the call results from incorrectly installed or malfunctioning equipment or where there is a persistent problem with false calls.

Firefighters attend more than 5,000 calls at commercial premises each year, as a result of fire alarm activations.

Although the number of false alarms has reduced in recent years, 98.7 per cent of these calls turn out to be false - an average of around 14 per day.

And attending false alarms diverts firefighters from attending other calls where lives could be at risk.

Chris Kemp, Fire Safety Manager said: “Whilst we have had a good response to our consultation so far, I would encourage people to take part and give us their views on who should pay the price of repeated false alarms. The purpose of this proposal is to drive down the number of calls and make the community safer for everyone.”

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