Flamingo Land expresses concern over fracking impact on animals

Flamingo Land is worried fracking could harm its animalsFlamingo Land is worried fracking could harm its animals
Flamingo Land is worried fracking could harm its animals
The Flamingo Land theme park is opposing plans to frack in North Yorkshire over concerns it could harm its animals.

In a letter to North Yorkshire County Council, the park expresses concern the proposal to frack at Kirby Misperton, in Ryedale, could be the first of hundreds of wells drilled in the area. Flamingo Land is close to the site where Third Energy is asking for planning permission to use the controversial mining method.Councillors on the county council’s planning committee are due to take a decision later this month.

The park’s letter says changes in Third Energy’s plan for dealing with water from the drilling site means it has “concern for our beloved, and in many cases critically endangered, animal collection’s welfare”.The letter continues: “Over and above our animal collection we now have health concerns for local residents, visiting public and our Resort guests. “During the summer season, overnight visitor numbers exceed those of towns the size of Malton.”Asked about the letter yesterday, Flamingo Land did not offer a comment. It represents a striking change of tone to a letter from Flamingo Land last year which criticised anti-fracking campaigners for “lacking tangible evidence”.Third Energy said the park had a “misconception” over its plans for water at the site.Rasik Valand, chief executive of Third Energy, said: “Third Energy has operated alongside local industry for over two decades, drilling wells, producing gas and electricity for the community, safely, securely and in an environmentally sensitive way. “The Kirby Misperton site has produced gas a short distance from Flamingo Land for over twenty years without any impact and we have been pleased to see our neighbour thrive. “Flamingo Land can be reassured that Third Energy would do nothing that would cause any harm to that much-loved business.”The planning meeting will take place on May 20.