Former Ossett woman pens her first book

Rhonda Marie Williamson has first Christmas book published.
Rhonda Marie Williamson has first Christmas book published.

A former Ossett woman who wrote a Christmas story for children at her work in America has had it published as a book.

Rhonda Marie Williamson, who now lives in North Carolina, regularly puts pen to paper at the pre-school she works.

But having caught the attention of a publisher, her latest effort has now been put into print.

The 51-year-old mother-of-two, who still visits her family regularly in Ossett, explained: “I have always written poetry and stories and we got talking to a publisher, but I never actually thought it would get published.

“It’s something that’s interested me but I suppose I’m quite humble about it, I never think that anyone would really like my stuff, but they were extremely keen.”

The book, entitled ‘A Friendship is Born in Bethlehem’, tells a rhyming story of a bear that follows a star above Bethlehem and strikes up a friendship with a newborn baby boy.

Former Ossett Comprehensive student Rhonda, who also has did the illustrations for the book, added: “It’s a retake on the Christmas story.

“It’s just a very sweet book and the illustrations have come out beautifully, I’m really pleased with it.”

The book is available in hard and soft back, and can bought online at Amazon for £7.82.