Former Wakefield Wildcat Steve Prescott hospitalised after charity race to Super League Grand Final

Steve Prescott and the team finishing the 48 hour engage quadrathon challenge.
Steve Prescott and the team finishing the 48 hour engage quadrathon challenge.
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FORMER Wakefield Wildcat Steve Prescott was hospitalised just days after completing a gruelling 48-hour charity race to the Super League Grand Final.

Mr Prescott, who suffers from a rare form of stomach cancer, was left drained after the challenge in which he swam, ran, cycled and canoed his way from Hull to Manchester.

The ex-Wildcats full back described the event as “48 hours of mental and physical torture” shortly after completing the race to Old Trafford last 

Mr Prescott was admitted to hospital on Monday evening after complaining of stomach pains.

A spokesman for his charity, the Steve Prescott Foundation, said on Tuesday: “Following a series of tests, doctors have established that due to the rigours of the challenge, Steve has lost a substantial amount of natural fuels and fluids, including electrolytes, meaning his bowel is unable to function.

“Doctors have prescribed a range of treatments and, while gradually bringing his fluid levels back to normal, he was also administered a course of morphine to relieve the pain and remained in hospital overnight under observation. This morning Steve is said to be responding well to treatment but will remain in hospital, under medical observation, for the next day or so.”

Jimmy Gittins, who took part in the challenge to raise £30,000 for charity, said the event was beset by “horrendous” weather conditions. A planned swim across the Humber was scrapped and they drifted a mile-and-a-half off course crossing the Mersey.

Mr Gittins, 38, of Sandal, said: “It was certainly the hardest challenge I’ve done, without a shadow of a doubt. I wish Steve a speedy recovery from his latest challenge.”