Free parking for Wakefield, Castleford and Pontefract shoppers: Here's what YOU had to say

People don't seem too impressed at the news that parking will be free in Wakefield, Castleford and Pontefract after 3pm.
People don't seem too impressed at the news that parking will be free in Wakefield, Castleford and Pontefract after 3pm.

News that shoppers will be able to take advantage of free parking in Wakefield, Castleford and Pontefract after 3pm has received mixed reaction by you, our readers.

The vast majority of comments received on our Facebook page were asking why it was restricted to after 3pm when many people, such as mums and dads, do their shopping before that time.

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Others suggested that shops need to remain open later than 5pm for the free parking to attract more shoppers, while others said they prefer to go to bigger shopping centres such as Meadowhall in Sheffield rather than shop in their own city or town centre.

Here's what you had to say.

John Murgatroyd said: "Not a chance! Wakefield is getting worse . I'll shop in Leeds/ York ."

Vicki Rogers added: "Getting better shops and actually staying open after 5pm might get people to shop here. I live just outside the city centre and I would rather go into Leeds or to Meadowhall than shop in town."

Vandra Bannister said: "No chance, Wakefield needs more shops and better hours."

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Carole Fisher commented: "Not with that restricted time! 3pm on a Thursday MOST mummies shop when kids are at school NOT when they’re home."

Paul Gibbs said: "No and it should be free."

Emma Hatfield said: " Well they've got to have something to try and attract folk into them towns. Lol."

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Sammiee Marie commented: "I like to do mine when the kids are at school so free parking from 3pm onwards seems pointless."

Helen Butler: "Should make it free all day. After 3pm is not much good to mums and dads who have to look after the children and older folk too as it’s getting darker then."

Jess Lloyd: "We planned to do some Christmas shopping last night after work finished but shops don’t stay open after 5pm any more! So we went to White Rose instead. Free parking and open 'til late. If shops stayed open people would be able to go shopping but these days you need to book a day off work to go shopping through day!"

Victoria Gorst: "Would actually be good if shops opened later rather than shutting at 5pm. Meadowhall or White Rose for me as open late every night."

Claire Dennison: "No, as I do my shopping when kids are at school so no help to me."

William Hodgson: "The bigger shops in Trinity don’t stay open late. Pointless. Amazon is open 24/7 and cheaper prices too."

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Ginny Hammond added: "After 3pm! What good is that? Wakey will BE a car park at that time anyway."

Michael Hedison said: "Not for me, just done my shopping in Meadowhall, White Rose and Leeds, as they have the shops I needed, and the parking was already free!"

Noel Bateman said: "No, not until Wakey Council improve developing."

Paul Cartwright added: It would be good to understand the thinking behind the decision. Why Thursday for all three towns? Surely, each town centre, the shops and the customers are different and have different needs. One size doesn't fit all. So, tell us more, please?"

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Brian Mack said: "How about free parking at hospitals over the Christmas period for those visiting loved ones?"

But Antony Gatley welcomed the idea. He said: "Usual moaning, always negativity. Get behind something for a change, well done WMDC a positive step."