Fresh plans to demolish golf driving range and build four family homes

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A fresh attempt to demolish a golf driving range and build new homes is being made with a second application submitted to Wakefield Council’s planning department.

Proposals to bulldoze Walton Driving Range off Common Lane, Walton, were rejected in April with planners suggesting that it was an ‘inappropriate’ development for a green belt site.

Councils prefer to build on previously-developed brown field land, and say only in exceptional circumstances would green belt land - which is previously undeveloped - be considered. But a new application has been put together, with the applicant, Mr B Rawlinson, saying his plans would result in ‘benefits to green belt openness’.

The plan is to convert the existing clubhouse in to a five-bedroom home, and build three two-bedroom homes on remainder of the land.

Mr Brown argues that it would create a much more aesthetic view by decreasing the amount of existing hard standing on the site, such as the car park, while a greater landscaping scheme is planned than currently exists.

A planning statement reads: “All of the proposed built form is located on land that is occupied by existing buildings or hard surfacing.

“The proposal therefore clearly constitutes redevelopment of previously developed land.” The application has attracted just one objector, Libby Hall, who said: “Walton has sufficient family sized homes already and has ongoing developments already.”

A decision is expected at a later date.