From online rants about Wakefield to writing a racy novel - blogger Nichi Hodgson pens her own Fifty Shades

Writer Nichi Hodgson
Writer Nichi Hodgson
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A CONTROVERSIAL blogger who faced an online backlash over her rant about our city is now hoping for more positive feedback on her racy new novel.

Freelance journalist Nichi Hodgson, 29, hit the headlines in March when her article ‘Rhubarb fools – force yourself to Wakefield this weekend’ was posted on The Guardian’s Comment Is Free website.

The Calder Grove-born writer was accused of pouring scorn on her city after describing it as “stagnant and wilting”.

The Express’s Facebook page was inundated with posts by people sticking up for their home city.

But now Ms Hodgson is hoping for critical acclaim for her book Bound to You, which is an autobiographical account of her time as a part-time dominatrix.

The book has been likened to erotic best-seller Fifty Shades of Grey and was WH Smiths’ non-fiction book of the month for November.

Ms Hodgson said: “The book is a real-life memoir detailing my time as a professional dominatrix in London, something I did to fund unpaid media internships as I broke into journalism in the Big Smoke, and then my relationship with a real-life Christian Grey, as his submissive.”

She earned £150 an hour in her spare time as a dominatrix, dishing out punishment to “old public schoolboys” and being a “bossy girlfriend” to clients more her own age.

Ms Hodgson said she never felt in peril during her time as a sex worker.

She joked: “I probably got in more danger on the Westgate run when I was 14.”

Ms Hodgson even encouraged her clients to make ethical donations to charity as her way of contributing to society.

Journalist Ms Hodgson talked about this issue when she appeared on a discussion about tax avoidance on the Jeremy Vine Show on Radio 2 this week.

She said: “I argued that you could still make money while having morals, and gave the example of charitable domination.”

She believes she helped raise about £5,000 in client donations to anti-trafficking, human rights and natural disaster charities.

She also told the programme about her book, which has drawn favourable comparisons with the Fifty Shades trilogy.

“But I would say my book is funnier, filthier but more psychologically sophisticated,” she said.

Bound to You is published by Hodder and Stoughton.