From war zones to mild, bitter and blonde ales

Former Corporal Grahame Andrews  has  started a brewery with his dad also called Grahame. (W543A322)
Former Corporal Grahame Andrews has started a brewery with his dad also called Grahame. (W543A322)

As a soldier, Cpl Grahame Andrews toured some of world’s worst trouble spots...but now he’s turned his mind to milder pursuits.

Mr Andrews served in conflict zones such as Afghanistan, Sierra Leone, Iraq and Bosnia over the past 15 years - but he left the army on Saturday to become a brewer at Horbury Bridge.

The former diplomatic courier, recently finished a 13-month stint in Afghanistan, serving his country and also saving money for his new peaceful job.

The 39-year-old has teamed up with dad, also called Grahame, a former home brewer, to found Bosun’s Brewing Co. They have planned it with miltary precision and have enlisted the consultancy services of a master brewer who has worked for Boddingtons and Stella.

But Mr Andrews Jnr said: “It’s not difficult. It’s a bit like making a big cup of tea. It was just a matter of coming back home and going on a brewing course.”

He said: “My former comrades were very jealous of the business venture I was going into. It’s a completely different thing, that people would love to do.”

The courier would often smile to himself when on a dangerous mission in Afghanistan knowing there would be a never-ending supply of good beer waiting for him when he was demobbed.

But it hasn’t been plain sailing as there have also been one or two skirmishes with his 59-year-old dad. He added: “We’ve had a few arguments as you could imagine. Before, I could never argue back.

“My dad is a retired navy man. That’s why we’ve gone with a naval theme. But once we get established we are going to do an army range of beers as well.

“We are trying to do some charity work in November with the likes of the Royal British Legion and Help for Heroes.”

The father and son team have so far brewed Golden Rivet and Maiden Voyage, which sold out straight away. But ale fans will be able to track them down in pubs in Horbury, Middlestown and Ossett.