Fury over new aerial charges

Out of focus TV LCD set and remote control in man's hand isolated over a white background.
Out of focus TV LCD set and remote control in man's hand isolated over a white background.
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TENANTS are outraged after being told they will have to pay for new television aerials.

Wakefield and District Housing (WDH) have been replacing communal aerial systems during the past two years at some properties in preparation for the digital switchover.

And they have told tenants they will have to pay an extra 98p a week - more than £50 a year - to cover installation and maintenance costs.

Leon Clarke, of Linton Road, Eastmoor, said the charge was a “disgrace”.

He said: “I am already paying for a TV licence and should not have to pay extra for an aerial, especially when I have the option of buying my own indoor aerial and using that.

“In some places they will be making hundreds of pounds a year for individual aerial systems - what sort of maintenance are they expecting to have to do?

“They are saying tenants can claim housing benefit for the charge but that just puts the cost onto the taxpayer.”

Denis Sweeney, of Monk Street, also refuted the new charge, saying he used Virgin Media and did not need the new aerial to get a digital signal.

WDH’s executive director of operations Steve Rawson said: “WDH’s communal TV systems were at least 20 years old so we had to install the new shared aerials to make sure our tenants are ready for the digital switchover changes. This will ensure current and future tenants affected are able to receive television programmes.

“The weekly charge includes the equipment and ongoing servicing and maintenance.

“Any tenant, who has received notice of the charges and has another provider of digital services, should contact OneCALL on 0845 8 507 507 immediately to discuss their individual circumstances in relation to the charges.”