Games charity for terminally ill children makes its first donations

Reece Miree.
Reece Miree.

A charity set up to provide video games consoles to terminally ill children has made its first donations to hospitals.

TheRockinR was set in memory of 11-year-old Reece Miree, from Wrenthorpe, who died from brain cancer.

Reece was a keen gamer and the name of the charity is taken from his “gamertag”, his name when playing online.

The charity has now sourced six games console units to give to be used by ill children, including at Leeds Children’s Hospital and Martin House Children’s Hospice.

Reece’s dad Jonny, who founded the charity, said video games “can offer a distraction to their illness, a sense of belonging and has therapeutic attributes whilst being at home”.

“Many of these children and young people can become very depressed and anxious.

“We aim to give some sense of normality to families who are plunged into this situation.”

Donation can be made at