Gang of Leeds robbers terrified staff in store raids in Wakefield and Castleford

THREE masked robbers terrified shop and petrol station staff in a series of 'professional' raids.

Daniel Goodyear.
Daniel Goodyear.

Daniel Goodyear, Ashley Metcalfe and Mark Peat were locked up for a total of 21 years after a court heard victims were left deeply traumatised after being threatened with weapons.

The three men travelled from their homes in Leeds to target One Stop premises in Wakefield and Castleford.

Leeds Crown Court heard one victim has had to quit her job as she was too terrified to return to work.

Ashley Metcalfe.

Metcalfe and Peat burst into premises on Church Road, Altofts, at 11pm on December 16 last year.

Metcalfe threatened a woman with a golf club and ordered her to open a safe in the staff area. She was unable to open it as her colleague had the keys.

Peat jumped over the counter and stole over £1,000 worth of postage stamps from the till.

All three men were involved in a robbery at the store on Willow Bridge Lane, Castleford, on December 19.

Mark Peat.

Metcalfe was armed with an iron bar and ordered a manager and a worker into a staff area.

A third member of staff was already in there counting up the day’s taking.

Metcalfe managed to take £6,000 in cash while Goodyear and Peat took £6,000 worth of cigarettes, alcohol and stamps.

The gang left in a stolen Ford Fiesta.

Ashley Metcalfe.

Goodyear carried out a robbery on his own on June 5 this year at a BP garage on Pontefract Lane, Stourton, Leeds.

Goodyear stole his mother’s friend’s car in order to carry out the robbery at 4.30am.

A member of staff initially thought it was joke when Goodyear walked onto the forecourt wearing a balaclava.

The victim fought with Goodyear when he tried to enter store.

Mark Peat.

Goodyear punched him several times to the face before going into the premises and taking £450 from the till then driving away.

Describing the robberies, Louise Pryke, prosecuting, said: “There is a degree of planning here which may suggest that these offences fall into the professionally planned category.”

Goodyear, 27, of Aberfield Gardens, Belle Isle, Peat, 30, of Jarvis Walk, Robin Hood, and Metcalfe, 30, of no fixed address, each pleaded guilty to two offences of robbery.

They each received seven year jail sentences.