Ghost hunting brothers find ‘haunted house’ in Eastmoor

Ghost hunters and brothers Mark and Darrell Vernon are setting up a Wakefield paranormal group (W515A341)
Ghost hunters and brothers Mark and Darrell Vernon are setting up a Wakefield paranormal group (W515A341)

Brothers Mark and Darrell Vernon have become real-life Ghostbusters and are trying to communicate with people beyond the grave.

They believe they have found the city’s most haunted house after capturing footage of what they say are ghosts living in an Eastmoor cellar.

The pair have spent the past few months setting up special cameras and recording equipment and say they have spent hours “talking” to dead people via electronic voice phenomena, known as EVPs.

And now they want to hear from other paranormal fanatics to set up a new group.

Ghost hunter Mark Vernon, 48, of Harewood Road, Eastmoor, said he has been seeing ghosts since he was 10 years old. He said: “I have visited a few reputed haunted houses but I have not seen anything like this. I believe this is the most haunted house in the country.

“I am having conversations with dead people. It is a bit freaky when you watch back the videos and see these orbs, I am not scared and I am not afraid of dying.

“We want to help people with paranormal problems. There is a lot of people out there suffering and they don’t need to suffer in silence.”

Mr Vernon, was invited to the cellar on Marsland Place by the current occupier after they heard unexplained noises. He said within hours of being there, he also heard heavy footsteps and sounds of objects moving, but nothing was out of place.

He claims to have communicated with three ghosts - believed to be the owner’s parents and a neighbour who died last year. He says it is spookier than the famous 30 East Drive, Chequerfield Estate - home to The Black Monk of Pontefract.

Security engineer Darrell, 47, of Cleckheaton, said he was sceptic of his brothers’ fascination with the paranormal until he was dared to spend a few hours in the cellar and has been converted.

Anyone interested in helping set up a group can contact the pair via

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