Ghostly figure appeared in photograph of 1960s Wakefield

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A man believes he may have caught a mysterious entity on camera while taking a picture in Wakefield.

Brian Davidson, of Agbrigg, took the picture at the Westgate End of Ings Road in the 1960s but made the discovery some years later.

He said: “I took the picture many years ago early on a Sunday morning.

“The subject is the old police box and horse trough that stood at the Westgate End of Ings Road that along with the houses in the background were due to be swept away to make way for the Cathedral Retail Park.

“This of course is a photo from pre-digital days so it was some time later when I was able to examine the picture that I noticed what appears to be a grotesque figure resting white gloved hands on the window ledge of the upstairs window of the house.

“There was nothing in the window when I took the photo and it is not a reflection as there was no glass in the window frame.”