‘Green deal’ would save people money on their energy bills

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Wakefield Council has been urged to join a scheme that would help people save energy, lower their fuel bills and reduce carbon emissions.

Cabinet members are expected to approve plans to join the Leeds City Region’s ‘Green Deal’, which allows people to pay for energy-efficiency measures over time rather than up-front.

The owners of about 1,320 homes in Wakefield are expected to sign up for the scheme.

Work would then be carried out to reduce energy use and CO2 emissions by whichever company is the successful bidder for the contract.

Coun Maureen Cummings, Wakefield Council’s cabinet member for the environment and communities, said: “By becoming a partner in this scheme, we can offer residents in the district the opportunity to reduce their energy bills and have a warmer and healthier household in an affordable and manageable way.

“We are committed to tackling fuel poverty and also protecting and maintaining the local environment. The Green Deal can help us in tackling both of these ambitious goals.”

The scheme will be discussed at a cabinet meeting next Tuesday.