Gunman’s cash raid fails

Armed robbery at Tesco Express,Leeds Road,Outwood
Armed robbery at Tesco Express,Leeds Road,Outwood

A GUNMAN threatened two security guards as they filled a cash machine in Outwood yesterday.

The cash was being delivered to Tesco Express, on Leeds Road, when the armed robber struck.

Detectives believe the gunman had an accomplice waiting nearby when the incident happened between 10.30am and 11am.

Armed police were called to the store but the robbers escaped empty handed and off down Bolus Lane.

Anthony Smith, store manager at Tesco Express, said: “A member of staff ran through the store shouting that there was a man with a gun. Two security workers filling up the cash machine seemed to be the target.

“One lady had a bit of a panic but generally the inside of the store wasn’t affected.”

Anyone with information should contact Wakefield CID on 01924 293334.