Heading for the Med? Too bad - it’s going to be warmer at home

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Parts of Britain will be hotter than Ibiza this weekend, with scorching temperatures of up to 23C (73F).

The sunshine will be a marked change after a washout Bank Holiday in many parts of the country.

The average temperature for this time of year is 16C (61F) and so the weekend will be seven degrees above average.

Mediterranean party island Ibiza is forecast to see temperatures of 22C (72F) while Istanbul will probably only see 20C (68F) - the same forecast for Yorkshire.

Met Office forecaster Emma Boorman said: “On Monday the temperature is going to be a couple of degrees above what we would expect with highs of about 16C (61F).

“As we go into the middle and later stages of the work we start to bring in a south-easterly breeze allowing some warmer temperatures to arrive into the UK.

“By Friday and Saturday we are looking at temperatures in the high twenties which will be a welcome change.”