Hospital food good or bad?

MP Mary Creagh
MP Mary Creagh

Only half of patients at Mid Yorkshire Hospitals consider the food to be ‘good’, despite hospital staff rating the meals ‘excellent’.

Research also shows that the Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust spent £11.05 a day on each patient’s food last year, and that five per cent of meals were wasted before they even reached the patient.

The Campaign for Better Hospital Food (CBHF) unveiled the figures this week, claiming that hospitals “hide” patients’ dissatisfaction with food by awarding high ratings.

Alex Jackson, co-ordinator of CBHF, said: “It is time for the government to come clean about the sorry state of hospital food in England and set mandatory standards for patient meals.”

Mary Creagh MP said the government was stretching the NHS “to breaking point”.

She added: “If you’re in hospital the last thing you want to worry about is the food. Ministers need to make sure patients get the healthy, nutritious food they need to make a swift recovery.”

Iain Brodie, the trust’s head of facilities, said the trust was “striving to improve”.

He added: “It is very important to us that we provide the best patient meal experience possible and we welcome feedback. We have a menu that offers a wide range of meals to cater for the needs of our patients and those with special dietary needs.”