A MURDERER dubbed the August bank holiday killer remains free as his victims families prepare to face another painful anniversary.

Six years ago this week 64-year-old disabled ex-miner Don Herbert was battered to death with an oxygen cylinder at his home on Sharlston Common, near Wakefield.

Mr Herbert suffered from the miner s disease pneumoconiosis and was unable to walk far. He relied on the oxygen cylinder to keep him alive.

Police believe the killer struck again a year later at August bank holiday when loner Paul Hemingway, 49, was bludgeoned and stabbed to death in Normanton.

Father-of-two Don Herbert junior, 45, from Sharlston, said: It s still the first thing I think about when I wake up every day. It never goes away. I don t want the bloke who did it ever to rest he hasn t just killed my dad he has ruined all our lives.

He added: It s changed my life completely. I have no confidence and I haven t been out drinking since it happened six years ago. I have had counsel-ling and therapy but it won t go away.

Mr Herbert junior said his son Scott is still having counselling. He added: It gets us all this time of year.

Don Herbert s murder was featured on BBC1 s Crimewatch and a reward was offered for both killings. Police made several arrests, but no-one was charged with the murders and the leads eventually dried up.

Paul Hemingway was a manic-depressive and schizophrenic who was stabilised and seemed content, according to his sister, Lola Wilkinson.

The 61-year-old cleaning supervisor, who still lives in Normanton, discovered his body at his home in Park Green five years ago this week.

She said: I try to block it out of my mind, but I don t think you ever come to terms with it. I never use the word murder in connection with Paul. I always say when Paul died, probably that s because it s not finished off no-one has been caught.

I don t think you ever feel the same because it s different from a normal death it s hard to explain but you are thinking about them all the time.

I would certainly like to see justice for Paul. It s dreadful when someone can do that and they are still walking about.