Help to kick the habit throughout Stoptober

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SMOKERS are set to take part in the first ever mass quit attempt.

Stoptober launches next month in a bid to get Wakefield’s 80,500 smokers to kick the habit.

District health bosses are urging people to take part in the scheme, which has been launched by the Department of Health.

And a mum who managed to give up her 20-a-day habit has encouraged smokers to sign up.

Hannah Whitely, 22, had smoked since she was 14 but quit after being referred to the Quit Shop, which is run by district‘s Stop Smoking Team.

Miss Whiteley, of Tavistock Way, Crigglestone, said: “I’ve been smoke-free for 13 weeks now, which is largely due to the great support I’ve received from the Quit Shop.

“With my advisors support I don’t feel alone and I know there is always someone who genuinely wants to help me.”

Almost 22 per cent of over 18s smoke in Wakefield, and around 600 die each year from smoking related illnesses.

Smokers who sign up for Stoptober will receive step-by-step advice on how to quit and daily messages of support. To find out more, contact the Stop Smoking Team on 01977 465449.