Here's what you think to the plan to build '˜Center Parcs' at Pugneys

Ambitious plans to build an all-inclusive holiday destination at Pugneys Country Park has been met by mixed reaction by readers.

Thursday, 8th November 2018, 1:51 pm
Updated Monday, 12th November 2018, 5:33 pm
Could Wakefield be welcoming a 'Center Parcs' holiday destination?

As the Express reported last week, blueprints have been submitted to Wakefield Council to build at gym, spa and restaurant in the park, which would service almost 100 holiday homes being proposed - claiming it could even become Wakefield’s own version of Center Parcs.

READ FULL STORY HEREThis includes 74 high-quality timber lodges and an additional 24 accommodation pods.

Applicant, Pugneys Park Lodges Ltd, says it could significantly boost the park’s annual 700,000 visitors, while promoting open-air sports and water sports.

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Pugneys Country Park

However, a major stumbling block could be the land’s classification as green belt, meaning exceptional reasons are required if there is any hope that the development will be given the go-ahead.

On reading the news, readers took to Facebook to comment - some cheering on the idea of bringing a holiday destination to the city and others thinking it was an April 1 joke.

Terry McAndrew said: “Wow is this like the Yorkshire cricket ground we got or should I say didn’t. I think someone at Wakefield council needs to wake up and stop dreaming.”

Paul D Meadows added: “Meanwhile in the real world, roads need fixing and people need homes and support.”

Helen Phillips: “No thanks, it’s bad enough getting around Pugneys with the traffic now.”

Andy Hudson commented: “Smokescreen to get planning for a housing estate.”

Karen Jackson said: “Meanwhile the building of a new M&S on the land that hasn’t been touched for decades next to Asda was denied. That would have created more jobs for the area, Wakefield Council are just in it for their own means.”

Rebecca O’Reilly added: “What an absolute waste of money.”

Judy Mackley said: “Double standards if they do approve. Imagine anyone wanting to go on holiday a few yards from a road full of car sales garages, a huge Asda with constant traffic congestion from M1 queues.”

Kirstin Cullen said: “All well and good offering a water sports holiday but the lake spends more weeks a year out of use than it does in use, which then renders it a pointless location to offer holidays.”

Clare Carter said: “Of all the places in all the world to go on holiday, who would choose to go to Wakefield right beside a main road, big Asda and a council estate?”

Steve Roberts said: “Come to Wakefield for your next holiday. We have a fine selection of pound shops and bookmakers.”

Marcia Osborne: “I hope it doesn’t take has long as Wakefield Trinity’s new stadium. At least they keep the planning department in work I suppose good luck.”

Chloe Ramsden: “Must be joking? Holiday in Wakefield?”

Karen Jackson asked the question: “Would it remain free entry to the public?”

Janette Stead said: “Another brainless idea. Leave it as it is. Why spoil a great beauty spot for a wasted venture? I mean, come on, who wants to holiday in Wakefield?”

Simon Cartwright added; “They first talked about developing Pugneys years ago, not sure why it didn’t happen at the time.”

Lynn Shelley said: “This is green belt land. Does this mean the lake would be privately owned and therefore not open to the public?”

Gillian Evans commented: “There are people who holiday at Nostell, Wintersett and a couple of other caravan parks, so why not there? Hope they don’t though. The extra traffic will be terrible.”

Liz Whitmore: “Noooo, I love Pugneys would hate to lose it to a holiday park! It’s great as a public place!”

Moira Cranmer: “Noooo! Please Wakefield Council, for once listen to your residents.”

Jason Spencer Whiteley said: “So you can’t build a Marks and Spencer’s on green belt a few hundred yards down the road but you can build this? Seems a bit odd.”

Jodie Marie Mcloughlin suggested: “Theme park would be better.”

Tony Finn said: “Can’t see it happening. Roads around too busy, site too small and exposed. Newmillerdam, yes. That’s a more Center Parcs kind of area.”

Faye Elizabeth O’Connor said: “No no no! There are getting fewer and fewer places around Wakefield to take the kids walking/cycling/running etc. We love Pugneys. This would be a terrible decision.

But there were a few positive comments.

Danny Emerson said: “Something like this would be great for Wakefield.”

While Maggie Hamrouni said: “Anything that improves Wakefield all for it.”

Sara Moorby added: “Looks great, as long as locals can use the pool.”