Historic Sandal pub -The Three Houses - rises from the ashes

Fire damage at The Three House pub on Barnsley Rd Sandal.
Fire damage at The Three House pub on Barnsley Rd Sandal.

A historic pub which was devastated by fire is re-open.

The Three Houses Inn on Barnsley Road, Sandal, opened yesterday (Friday) for the first time in five months.



The 17th Century Grade II listed building suffered major damage in January when an electrical fault sparked a blaze. The bar was ruined, ceilings disappeared and cherished antique photographs of the pub throughout the ages were smoke damaged.

But now the popular pub is ready to trade again. Co-owner Christian Hazel, 45, said: “This is the longest the pub has been closed since its records began back in the 1600s.

“It’s like an old friend who has been away for ages and is about to return. We are incredibly flattered by all the interest.

“Without any exaggeration, if I go out on an evening I inevitably get asked 30 times, ‘When are you opening again?’

“That’s been ringing in my ears and my partners.”

Mr Hazel and his partners Richard Saddler, Dean Jackson and head chef Simon Jackson, have been busy sorting months of painstaking repairs.

These include arranging centuries old decorating techniques, including horsehair plaster for the walls.

But the fire damage also uncovered some features not seen since highwaymen fraternised the pub.

Mr Hazel said: “We found a low door together with an old beam, which we don’t think have been seen for a couple of hundred years.” These have now been incorporated as design features. And all of the old pictures, which hung on the walls for years, have been restored.

The pub, which is well-know for its food, will launch a new menu in a fortnight after kitchen renovations have been completed.