Hoax 999 caller told police there was a body in the River Calder

18/5/06   Chantry Chapel on Wakefield Bridge.
18/5/06 Chantry Chapel on Wakefield Bridge.
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A NUISANCE 999 caller twice falsely claimed there was a body in the River Calder, a court heard.

The police helicopter, an ambulance and officers were called to Chantry Bridge on September 30 after Michael Anthony Brown, 23, said he had seen a body floating in the river.

Prosecutor Alex Johnson said a search commenced but the allegation proved to be false.

Brown made a further call on October 26 and repeated his claim about a body in the river.

The emergency services were called out again but officers traced the call to Brown’s address and found his phone, which had been used to make the call.

Brown, of Sanderson Street, Eastmoor, accepted making the false calls. He said he had been stopped earlier in the evening and thought to himself: “I will show them.”

He told officers he felt stupid about what he had done.

Wakefield Magistrates’ Court heard Brown was subject to a Crown Court imposed suspended sentence when the earlier call was made.

Brown admitted two charges of sending a false message and one count of wasting police time by knowingly making a false report tending to show an offence had been committed.

Julie Allott, mitigating said her client had been frank and co-operative with the police.

She said he had entered his guilty pleas at the first effective hearing and understood the serious position he was in.

The solicitor said it wasn’t sophisticated offending as Brown used his own mobile to ring the police.

Deputy District Judge Roger Lowe said the case should be committed to Leeds Crown Court for sentence.

Brown was bailed until December 3.