Homes are left without a road

This is the state of roads around a new-build estate where householders have endured months of maintenance problems.

Highways around the Magnolia Gardens area of Castleford have still not been finished around a year after the last house was built.

And parts of the estate have been in pitch darkness after some street lights were left uninstalled.

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The Express first reported on a catalogue of building defects in homes on the estate in March 2016.

Now housebuilder Persimmon Homes has pledged to sort out the problems with the roads.

Managing director Wayne Gradwell said: “Addressing our customers’ concerns is of upmost priority to us and we are aware of residents’ issues with ongoing road works.

“Surfacing works are due to start in January 2018 and we will be liaising individually with homeowners in respect to any ongoing customer care issues to make sure they’re resolved as soon as possible.”

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Persimmon did not give a reason for the delay finishing off the roadways.

The company also declined to comment on complaints from residents that they had received a demand for a £150 ground rent payment, despite ongoing problems on the estate.

The homes are lease-hold properties, which means residents own their houses but not the ground it was built on.

That means an annual charge is levied by the landowner under the terms of the lease.

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Louise Marron, who moved there in December 2015, said Persimmon had not chased householders for previous payments after complaints were made about building work.

She said: “We don’t mind paying the £150.

“We were told it goes towards maintenance of the greenery and roads, and things like that.

“But the road has not been done and the last house was finished about a year go.

“It’s really rough with drains sticking out and holes everywhere.

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“There are street lights that have not been put up and just left by the road.”

Flooded gardens, cracked plastering, loose electrical sockets, and walls and doors not hung properly were among complaints first made by householders in 2016.