Horbury Academy signs Dyslexia Pledge


Horbury Academy has signed the ‘Made by Dyslexia Pledge’, following in the footsteps of technology giants Microsoft, the first company to sign the agreement.

In signing the pledge, the school has committed to recognising dyslexia as a different and valuable way of thinking.

Mrs Farrell, who co-ordinates Horbury Academy’s dyslexia intervention, said: “We understand the importance of identifying each dyslexic young person and their pattern of strengths and challenges and we do this through our bespoke screening assessment process that is supported by the Lucid Rapid computerised dyslexia screening programme.

“We will endeavour to offer support to enable young people with dyslexia to harness their strengths and flourish. We hope that signing the pledge will help us to raise the profile of dyslexia and the support offered here at Horbury Academy, and hopefully go some way towards reducing the stigma that is sometimes attached to this learning difference.”

Freya and Jamie (pictured), are the academy’s student Dyslexia Mentors, whose role it is to raise awareness of dyslexia and dyslexia provision within the school.

They said: “With dyslexia being one of the most common learning difficulties, our aim is to reach out, encourage and demonstrate that dyslexia is not a barrier to success.”

Find out more about the Made by Dyslexia Charity and the Made by Dyslexia Pledge at madebydyslexia.org.