Horse neglect at an ‘all-time high’

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ANIMAL charity the RSPCA says it is under more pressure than ever due to an increase in neglected and abandoned horses.

And Wakefield is among the worst-hit areas in the country.

This week another dead horse was found dumped in Wrenthorpe.

The charity, along with police and council officers, were alerted to the gruesome find by walkers on Lindale Lane on Monday morning.

Police have now launched an investigation to find its owner.

Cathy Hyde, equine officer for the north of England, said: “We seem to be seeing more and more dead and dying horses dumped off the back of trailers in secluded areas, their owners unwilling or unable to pay for veterinary treatment or a ‘knackerman’ to dispose of their body.

“When those animals suffer or their needs aren’t met organisations like the RSPCA are left to pick up the pieces.

“We are, quite honestly, struggling to keep up with what is a mounting crisis.”

A dead piebald horse was found at Stanley Nature Reserve last August but its owner was never found.

And a mare was rescued from Walton last September and has now made a full recovery with the charity.