Hunting for hit and run driver

RTA on Thornes Rd near Cathedral Academy,Wakefield
RTA on Thornes Rd near Cathedral Academy,Wakefield

POLICE are hunting for a hit-and-run driver who knocked down a man close to a school.

A 50-year-old man was making checks to his car on Thornes Road, near Cathedral Academy, when he was hit by another vehicle on Wednesday morning.

He suffered head injuries and was taken to Pinderfields Hospital, where he stayed overnight.

His injuries are not thought to be life-threatening.

The driver failed to stop and police want to speak to anyone who may have seen the incident, which happened at around 11am, close to the entrance to Thornes Park.

Police closed the roads between Thornes Moor Road and Gill Sike Road for three hours.

And people living nearby have raised concerns over the volume and speed of traffic on the road.

Cathy Tabner, who has lived on Thornes Road for 18 years, said: “There have been four deaths on this road since we have lived here.

“It has got busier and busier and I do worry at times about the speed they come along the road.

“We now have two crossing points and a police bay and the police van is here regularly.

“I think the speed limit should go down to 20mph for the stretch of road past the school.”

On the Express Facebook page Laura Powers said: “That is just really bad, the man was only pumping his tyre up and he got hit.”

Andrea Hartley Was Newton added: “I live on that stretch of road and it’s like living at the side of a racetrack at times.”

And Sean Avfc Cook said: “My mum’s car was written off after an idiot came off Denby Dale Road onto Thornes Road on the wrong side of the road and spun out of control. As bad as it sounds, it’ll take a death before anything is done...”

Anyone with any information should contact police on 101.