'˜I'm disappointed for Mr Brumhill's family', says senior police officer after not guilty verdict

Police have pledged to continue striving to solve the Northampton pet shop murder.
DCI  Louise Hemingway.DCI  Louise Hemingway.
DCI Louise Hemingway.

It comes after Stuart Jenkins, aged 41, of Ossett, was found not guilty of murder, 24 years after 76-year-old pet shop worker Arthur Brumhill was found dead in the shop.

Mr Jenkins faced a 14-day trial at Northampton Crown Court, but was this morning found not guilty by the jury.

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Arthur was found dead on January 22, 1993, by colleagues at Denton’s Pet and Garden Centre in Wellingborough Road, Northampton. He had died as a result of head injuries.

Mr Jenkins, who was 17 years old at the time, had worked in the pet shop for four weeks but following a disagreement, had left in November 1992.

While he was arrested in the months following the murder, he was later released.

A number of reviews have taken place in the past 24 years and developments in forensic fingerprinting led to the arrest and charge in 2015.

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Detective Chief Inspector Louise Hemingway, who led the investigation, said: “We accept the decision reached by the jury.

“I am disappointed for Mr Brumhill’s family who have come this far after waiting 24 years.

“We will continue to explore any opportunity to bring the offender or offenders to justice for this horrific crime.

“We remain committed to forensic developments in this case.”