‘Irresponsible’ grave fly-tippers

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Fly-tippers dumped a mattress, doors and paint tins in Outwood cemetery.

Sharon Price spotted the discarded items when she was putting flowers on her mum and dad’s grave at the Leeds Road cemetery on Saturday.

Mrs Price, of Meltham, Holmfirth, said: “I was shocked that an irresponsible adult had dumped an old mattress, half-full paint tins and large white doors in the cemetery because they couldn’t be bothered to go to the nearby tip.

“The items had been dumped in an industrial bin right at the bottom of the cemetery, so whoever did it had to drive all the way down the graveyard to get to the bin.

“Items were spread across the floor and white paint was all over the ground, just waiting for mischievous children to come along to cause more damage.

“The bin is usually used for dead flowers so nobody had anywhere to put them.”

Mrs Price reported the incident to Wakefield Council and was told someone would be sent to clean it up. The council confirmed that a team had got rid of the mess.

Mrs Price said: “I’ve moved out of the area and don’t visit Wakefield very often - it is not a very nice impression of the district when someone just fly-tips all this rubbish over a graveyard.

“I’ve been visiting the cemetery for 25 years and I’ve never seen anything like it.

“It is usually so well cared for - I was shocked.”

Glynn Humphries, Wakefield Council’s service director for environment and streetscene, said: “We do not tolerate fly-tipping wherever it happens and will take action against those responsible, through the courts if necessary.

“It is particularly upsetting when rubbish is left in cemeteries and I would urge people to show respect.

“These are not places to dump any sort of household waste.

“The rubbish has been cleared from Outwood Cemetery and we apologise for any distress caused.

“Anyone who sees people fly-tipping anywhere in the district should report it by calling 0345 85065067.”