Joanna’s Apprentice dream crushed after “savage” interview round

Joanna gets emotional in her interview (C) Freemantle Media
Joanna gets emotional in her interview (C) Freemantle Media

Joanna Jarjue’s dreams of being named The Apprentice came to an end last night when she was finally given the boot from the BBC show by Lord Alan Sugar.

The 23-year-old hopeful made it to the final five candidates and the dreaded interview stage of the process.

All had their own personal business plans heavily scrutinised and criticised by several business moguls before Lord Sugar axed three of the five.

Despite having the best track record in the show, being on the winning team in eight our of the 10 tasks, Joanna was first to go this week after being put under pressure by the interviewers about her plans to open an online fashion business targeting work wear for women.

Her lack of experience in the market was quickly pounced on by the ruthless interviewers, as was her temperament which has seen get into several arguments with her fellow candidates over the series.

Once again, she was brought to tears over what she described as “savage” interviews.

Firing her, Lord Sugar told the former New College student: “There’s nothing wrong with having a dream, but I can’t go into business with someone with no knowledge of the market at all.

“Go and get a job in that industry and learn it inside out. Don’t give up on your dream, you have the passion for it.”

Earlier in the episode, Lord Sugar’s sidekick, Claude Littner had grilled Joanna, telling her “I’m astounded you have got this far. You have a passion for it, but you do not know how much your don’t know, because you don’t know.”

In her defence, she said: “I have held my hands up and say I was outspoken.

“My biggest battle has been showing people who I really am.”