Job losses at Superbowl

27th July 2011'Wakefield Superbowl on Doncaster Road
27th July 2011'Wakefield Superbowl on Doncaster Road

STAFF at Wakefield Superbowl have been told they will lose their jobs while the complex closes for six months.

The bowling alley, Wimpey restaurant and bar on Doncaster Road is to get a £1m refurbishment, which bosses hope will revitalise the building, which has been open since 1989.

But all 18 members of staff at the site were left fuming on Monday when they were told they would be made redundant and need to re-apply for their jobs when it reopens.

A member of staff, who did not wish to be named, said: “We are all gutted and disappointed at the way we have been treated.

“We have worked hard to keep it open.

“We have all been working towards this new refurbishment, but never knew it would take six months or that we would lose our jobs.

“We are still shocked.”

Steve Wagstaff, operations director for Keith Brown Properties, which owns the Superbowl, confirmed it will be closed for six months and the £1m redevelopment will include synthetic lanes and modern lighting.

He said: “With the economic climate things have been extremely difficult and bowling is quite low down on people’s list of spending.

“The place needs refurbishing to modern standards. We have done this in Doncaster and it has proved popular.

“We are trying to find the staff jobs elsewhere in the company, but it is difficult in this climate. They can apply for jobs when we reopen.

“It is difficult as I have known a lot of the staff for a long time. They understand the situation we are in as we have had to do something. Nobody has done anything wrong.”

“We could just close and call it a day, but we feel Wakefield is worth another chance by investing.”

The complex will close on Sunday, August 14, and reopen next year.

The neighbouring Oasis Health Club remains open.