John’s letter to the Wakefield Express lands him role as new face of Arriva Yorkshire campaign

John Roberts is heading a campaign for bus company Arriva after writing a letter in the Express.
John Roberts is heading a campaign for bus company Arriva after writing a letter in the Express.

A COMMUTER who penned a letter about passengers damaging bus seats has become the face of a new campaign to tackle the problem.

John Roberts, of St John’s Court, felt so angered by seeing dirty footmarks on his Arriva 110 service that he wrote to the 

We published his comments in our letter’s page, sparking a response from the bus company to start a poster campaign to remind passengers to show more respect when travelling.

And now new ‘keep your feet off my seats’ posters are being placed on buses across the county.

Mr Roberts placed the first reminder sticker on board a double decker bus at Heath Common on Monday.

Nigel Featham, managing director for Arriva Yorkshire, said: “Of course we realise that the bus is a relaxing environment however we all agree that our passengers’ feet should stay on the floor.

“Many of our customers are passionate about this, Mr Roberts was one of our passengers who brought this to our attention and it is great to get him on board to help launch the campaign.

“By the end of this year we will have invested some £12m in new buses for the people of Yorkshire. Our customers are very happy with the new vehicles and are extremely pleased with the benefits they have brought to their overall journey 

Arriva Yorkshire will be placing stickers on all their buses with facing seats and will be sending their staff called Arriva Angels out to remind people to keep their feet on the floor,

Earlier this month Mr Roberts wrote: “One thing I and a number of other people noticed was that some people had got into the habit of putting their feet on the rear-facing seats at the back.

“Often when you got on, you’d see dirty footmarks on the seats.

“Smoking is treated seriously, with no-nonsense signs; this requires dealing with in the same way.”