Just days to go until your new look Express

Wakefield Express relaunch dummy 2013
Wakefield Express relaunch dummy 2013

With January sales in full swing, you can also save the pennies in 2013 by subscribing to your weekly edition of the Wakefield Express and at the same time enjoy a 40% reduction in price.

Express readers can purchase their weekly copies for just 51p every Friday when they subscribe and you can continue to pick the paper up from your local newsagents.

Retailers from across the city are stocked up every week with the Express, such as Bon Bon Newsagents on Denby Dale Road.

However, the price reduction does not affect Wakefield’s newsagents in any way - as they keep the same amount of money regardless of whether you have bought your paper through the subscription or not.

Paul Taylor (pictured), who has been running the Bon Bon store for nearly two years said: “It’s important to get the message across to our customers that we don’t lose money and that they save money because of this offer.

“Some people are concerned that community shops like ours suffer and that we might lose out when there’s a price reduction like this, but we don’t because the Express makes sure we get the same amount of money either way.”

To start a subscription that will save you money and keep you right up to date with all the local news and sport, visit www.subscriptiononline.co.uk/hse or call 0844 991 6464.