Kabeedies’ eye on us

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bands can be divided into those who enjoy the creative potential of the studio and those who prefer the buzz of live performances.

East Anglian foursome The Kabeedies, who’ll be playing at Black Flag next Friday, February 3, fall firmly into the latter camp, as bass player Rory Hill explained.

He said: “It’s a very exciting time for us, with the new album Soap out this week and a lot of touring to promote it.

“Everyone enjoyed working in the studio but for us it’s always been about playing live, so it’s good to be on the road again.

“That’s how it starts off for most bands and it’s what we still enjoy more than anything – getting to see new places and meet new people.”

There has been none of that “difficult second album” syndrome for Rory and bandmates – in fact they’re delighted with the results which, he believes, are a big step forward from the spiky art-rock-punk-pop of 2009 debut Rumpus.

“It’s still very much a Kabeedies album, there’s no arguing about that, but it differs from the first one in that we’re all growing up and you see things different light.

“We also had a lot more time to spend on it, working on the songs and the recording and getting more musicians in. We really wanted to get it right and I think we’ve done that – we’re very pleased with it.”

The band’s Wakefield gig is part of a national tour featuring a good number of dates well this side of Watford Gap, before they head off to Europe for another batch of gigs next month.

“We seem to get a lot of gigs in the north, I’ve no idea why,” said Rory. “But we always get a good reception there so we’re happy to do the travelling!

“This will be our third time in Wakefield. The audiences were good to us before, so we’re looking forward to a great gig.”