Kids get help to kick habit

17th February 2011.  Outwood Grange Academy, Outwood, Wakefield.
17th February 2011. Outwood Grange Academy, Outwood, Wakefield.

SMOKING pupils at Outwood Grange Academy will get help to kick the habit.

A new stop smoking group will start at the Potovens Lane school next week.

Run by the Wakefield Stop Smoking Team at the request of the school, it is one of the first of its kind in the district.

Pupils will attend voluntarily, and those who decide they want to quit will get the support they need over eight sessions.

Pippa Lloyd, the service’s stop smoking specialist advisor, said: “I think it’s great that the school is keen to help the pupils in this way.

“Young people are a lot more aware of the dangers of smoking these days, but you will always get a small group who think it’s cool and those who give into peer pressure.”

Pupils will be assessed for their motivation to quit at the first session, and choose an appropriate product to help like patches or gum.

Over the following weeks, they will set themselves a quit date, learn how to cope with cravings and get ongoing support, before hopefully celebrating their success at the final session.

A letter sent home to parents, said: “We operate a non-smoking site at Outwood Grange Academy. We also believe that our students should be given the best chance to live healthy and happy lives to enable them to get the most from the academic and extra-curricular opportunities offered.”