Killer shrimps in Pugneys?

Killer Shrimp'Credit: Merino EMG Ltd
Killer Shrimp'Credit: Merino EMG Ltd

KILLER shrimps could be living and feeding in the waters of Pugneys.

Environment Agency sleuths are on the hunt for the so-called killer shrimp, dikerogammarus villosus, setting up specialist traps at lakes across Yorkshire, including Pugneys and Anglers Country Park in Wintersett.

The shrimps, from Eastern Europe, were first spotted in Cambridgeshire last year, sparking a national alert.

The predator attacks a range of native species, including small fish, and often ruthlessly kills its prey without eating it afterwards. They can also spread non-native disease.

Environment Agency team leader Paul Curry said: “While we’re optimistic the shrimp hasn’t come this far north, we have targeted the surveys at the waters we think most likely to contain them if they have.”

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