Laser shone at ’copter

Police Helicopter
Police Helicopter

A DAD shone a laser pen at a police helicopter and illuminated the cockpit, a court heard.

Christopher John Grayston, 31, pointed the £2 eBay buy at West Yorkshire Police’s eye in the sky from his home on Lindsay Avenue, Lupset.

Prosecutor Diane Gomersall said the helicopter was conducting an area search after dark on October 8.

She added: “The pilot was distracted when a laser struck numerous times into the cockpit.”

Police on the ground were alerted and they found Grayston on his doorstep still shining the laser at the helicopter.

Grayston appeared at Wakefield Magistrates’ Court on Monday where he admitted acting in a manner likely to endanger an aircraft.

Katie Edmondson, mitigating, described the offence as a “stupid mistake”.

She added: “He has shone the light in the air. It has hit the helicopter a couple of times.

“It’s noted in a statement the laser was striking the rear of the aircraft. It illuminated the cockpit which was distracting.”

She said the helicopter had completed its search and had not been stopped from landing.

Grayston was committed to sentence at Leeds Crown Court next month.