Late Wakefield sports veteran Les D’Arcy to star in documentary Ping Pong on Film4 tonight

Les D'Arcy
Les D'Arcy
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A film which focuses on the heroics of one of the city’s much loved sports veterans will be shown on TV tonight.

The documentary Ping Pong follows the progress of contestants in the 2010 Over-Eighties Table Tennis Championships in Inner Mongolia.

And one of the stars of the 80-minute movie, which has the strap line “you’re never too old for gold”, is the late Les D’Arcy, of Fairway View, Lupset.

The pensioner had to overcome ill-health to make the championships.

He was also competing in triathlons, weight lifting and athletics competitions until his death in February, aged 91.

Speaking at the time of the film’s release last year Mr D’Arcy told the Express: “I was in Croatia when the film director asked me if I wanted to take part and I was more than happy to get involved.

“I found it quite inspiring and it was exciting to do.

“It was great to do something positive which I hope will inspire other older people.”

The keen poet can also be heard linking scenes with his proverbs as the film includes a 100-year-old Australian woman and an 82-year-old man who nearly died.

Ping Pong will be shown on Film4 at 11.05pm tonight (Tuesday).