Lea’s killer still in our community

L�a Florentina Brooke died on Monday 10th November aged 81
L�a Florentina Brooke died on Monday 10th November aged 81

TODAY the family of Lea Florentina Brooke will mark the fourth anniversary of her murder during an arson attack on her home.

So far this seemingly motiveless crime has baffled detectives and her killer is still free in our community.

The family of arson murder victim Lea Brooke

The family of arson murder victim Lea Brooke

Mrs Brooke, a grandmother of 12 who never got to meet her first great-grandson, was asleep in her Sandal Grange home when arsonists poured white spirit through the door and torched the family home during the early hours of November 10, 2008.

Despite the passing of time, Mrs Brooke’s family are determined to honour and continue the legacy of woman who was known for her generosity and love of live.

Her eldest daughter, Suzanne Brindley, has taken on her role serving the community as the chairwoman of Inner Wheel Club of Wakefield - a voluntary organisation Mrs Brooke was involved with for 50 years.

She said: “She thought of her work as a service to the community but it also gave her friendship.

“She was very involved in the home library service, she knew the people personally and to them it was a lifeline.

“People in the Inner Wheel still remember my mum well, they say how nice and welcoming and friendly she was.

“Her death came as such as shock to them. No-one can understand who would want to do this to her.”

To mark her death a special mass will be held at Mrs Brooke’s church, St Peter and St Paul’s.

Mrs Brindley said: “Nothing will bring her back but there is no point in being angry.

“We want to remember her in a happy way.”

Since the attack detectives have prosecuted people for similar but unconnected offences committed around the same time. But despite numerous appeals, including an appearance on BBC’s Crimewatch, no-one has been prosecuted for Mrs Brooke’s murder.

Det Supt David Pervin said: “Someone out there knows who was responsible for setting this fire and while the guilty party has not come forward, I feel that the vital piece of information that would identify the killer is still out there and, for whatever reason, has been held back.

“Any piece of new information, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, may hold the key to helping us catch this person, so please, as the fourth anniversary of this crime approaches, if you can help get in touch.”

Anyone with information should contact police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.