Leaflets in turbine protest investigated

New action group protesting against a proposed wind turbine project in Middlestown
New action group protesting against a proposed wind turbine project in Middlestown

LEAFLETS published by a protest group campaigning against proposals for wind turbines are being investigated by the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA).

The No Coxley Wind Turbines group could be forced to withdraw its campaign leaflets that suggested two huge wind turbines would be erected in Coxley Valley.

The investigation was launched after a complaint was made by Gavin Elden of Sustainable Sitlington – the company set up to promote the use of renewable energy in the area.

Mr Elden had supported a report commissioned by Origin Energy earlier this year which looked into the possibility of exploring the potential for two 125m turbines around Middlestown.

But the report was only produced to consider the option, says Mr Elden, and nothing actually came of it.

Mr Elden said: “At no time were there any plans to build these wind turbines, the report simply answered a question that was asked of its authors, which was basically how can we offset our energy usage.”

Mr Elden’s complaint to the ASA centred around claims made by the group regarding the construction and siting of the wind turbines and their efficiency.

The leaflet has been removed from the No Coxley Wind Turbines group website.

Kath Turner, of the No Coxley Wind Turbines group, said: “We’re still quite happy to defend what we’ve written so if anyone wants to speak to us we’re happy to do that.

“We’ve got nothing to hide and if any people want to have a discussion with us we’d absolutely invite that.”

A spokeswoman for the ASA said: “Following a complaint we received about leaflets distributed by No Coxley Wind Turbines Community Action Group, the ASA launched an investigation into the advertising claims made in the leaflets. The results of that investigation will be published in due course.”