Ledger Little Library: Your reaction to ‘killjoy’ Wakefield Council ordering removal of tiny library

Wakefield Council have ordered the library to be removed because, they say, it's causing an obstruction.
Wakefield Council have ordered the library to be removed because, they say, it's causing an obstruction.

Readers were quick to react to news that council killjoys have ordered that a tiny library be removed from a Wakefield street.

Campaigners have started a petition to keep the Ledger Little Library where it is on Ledger Lane, Outwood after Highways officials from Wakefield Council intervened, claiming it is obstructing the pathway.

Made from a re-painted DVD cabinet, the library can hold up to 100 books at a time and is popular with youngsters and older readers alike.


Readers were quick to comment on our Facebook page. Here’s what they said:

Yana Lewis commented; “The council make me laugh! An obstruction? When you walk down A lot of streets the trees and bushes are overgrown which cause and obstruction. They say permission wasn’t asked for to put it up ? Really? It sounds like a brilliant community thing that as been done. I once was a resident in Outwood for 15 years and think this is a great idea and I support it fully.”

Sarah Mallinson said: “What possible problems could that cause. The council really are power mad.”

Caitlin Pengelly added: “Instead of concentrating on sorting out the people who constantly vandalise the park and other places they decide to put time and effort into removing something that brings joy to local children? With the cost of living going up people don’t always have money to buy new books and this is a fabulous way of keeping children interested in reading!! My little girl loves this library.”

Beryl Stephenson said: “Killjoys. As previously stated attention should be paid to overhanging branches and bushes that are allowed to take over pavements. Add to this list cars parking on pavements and the little library appears to be a minimal obstruction.”

Harriet Denton said: “A way round this is to put it up in a resident’s garden facing road level with boundary wall so no access is required and there is then no breach of it being intrusive of the foot path. It would be nice if they were more thoughtful about bushes and cars parked on pavement and all litter you see everywhere.”

Jonathan Charlish said: “That’s an awesome idea. The council should be ashamed of themselves .”

Hannah North said: “Obstructing who exactly?! You could get an elephant down that path it’s HUGE!! I think it’s a wonderful idea. Shame on Wakefield Council!!”

Eleanor Kershaw added: “I live in Outwood and didn’t even know it existed. That’s how obstructing it is.”

Julie Lowe said: “People doing nice things in their community and council kick up a fuss. Shame on you Wakefield Council. I’m sure there’s loads of other priority issues in Wakefield area you SHOULD be dealing with.”

Tracy Baldwin-Batley commented: “This is ridiculous as some parents can’t afford books, there’s no better felling of getting lost in book whatever your age is, they should worry about pot holes and parking not this.”

And Amanda Rushton said: “It’s ridiculous. This box is a community focus. It teaches children to share as well as help them with their reading. The council should be encouraging this. Don’t those who park on the pavement cause an obstruction?”

But Luke Senior said: “I think it’s a great concept, but is it really the best idea to have it next to a bus stop, in an area that isn’t brilliantly lit during the winter? With kids coming out of school? For once the elf & safety brigade might just have a point.”