LETTER - 10k race is great value

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I WOULD like to respond to the letter in last week’s Express regarding the Wakefield Hospice 10k entry fee.

I was angered by his comments, at £15 I do not feel this is excessive (events like this do cost money to stage!).

If Mr Houlder wanted to take part he could have entered the fun run for £6 and if he felt this was still to too much he could simply put his hand in his pocket and give what he could afford to the hospice. Alternatively why not try voluntreering to help at some events?

I am proud to say my 10 year old daughter and myself entered the fun run (costing a fee of £10) and delighted to say that there were definitely more than five entries on the start line.

I am pleased that the hospice brought to my attention the lack of interest because it definitely made me enter. Instead of moaning about things why not try and help - we all might need the hospice one day and should support it in any way we can.

Tracey Aisbett

Troon Way