Letter - 2012 was the year of the pay-offs

IN August this year swaths of senior NHS trust bosses left the trust to go (along with appropriate payments) to other senior posts in the NHS leaving our local trust loosing £100.000 per day deficit, this, after spending millions of pounds on private consultants to do the job they were incapable of doing and despite their top NHS management pay.

In turn we got a new Trust chief, Stephen Eames, along with his pay of £300,000 per year. However this did nothing to stem the recent damming reports by the Care Quality Commission into patient care.

To date the only thing he seems to have achieved is alienating into strike action the very people who provide our front line services by attempting to cut the lowest waged employees by some 20%. Did Mr Eames volunteer to take a 20% cut? I don’t think so!

Then we had Sir Norman Bettison suddenly depart West Yorkshire Police department when his position became untenable 23 years after he led the police Inquiry into the Hillsborough disaster when 96 fans died, as it became evident that out of 163 police statements 116 had been altered to help cover up/deflect responsibility from the police on to innocent fans, and he didn’t notice at the time!

Yet instead of suspension and investigation he was allowed to retire with immediate affect along with full pension and lump sum!

Then two senior Wakefield council staff stepped down from the authority after four serious case reviews into child deaths were launched - the service director resigned and the corporate director of family services retired with immediate effect, no doubt with pensions and lump sums.

Then we had the head of the BBC who, after just 56 days in office and managing to bring total disrepute to the BBC, jumping ship with a pay off of £450,000 even though he was only entitled to half of that!

Am I the only one who thinks justice does not apply to senior management? Had front line workers been responsible for such total incompetence/negligence there would have been disciplinarily action, instant dismissals and quite possibly legal action.

But get to the dizzy hights of “senior members of staff” and you are home and free, is this because they know too much about their bosses? Enjoy your retirement one and all, but we the public will be demanding justice.

Paul Dainton

Altofts Lodge Drive